​​Nicholasville Pediatrics

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Below are the services that we provide. If you have questions regarding what is or is not offered, please give us a call.

We're honored that you have chosen us to care for your family. Each visit with us will be honoring of your time, as we don't want to keep you waiting, but we promise that your appointment time is just that-yours. We ask that our patients please arrive on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we may need to reschedule your appointment in order to respect our patients that still need to be seen.

  1. Well Child Exams
    Also, known as a check-up, these yearly visits ensure that your child is growing healthy and strong. New baby all the way through 2.5 years of age have a more frequent exam schedule. However, once your child turns three, they are seen on a yearly basis. We love check-ups because it is a great time to check in with our families, and monitor your child's growth. We also conduct developmental screenings during this visit. This is a great time to discuss any questions you have.
  2. Sick Visits
    Sickness happens. We understand that, and that is why we keep our schedule open to accommodate as many sick visits per day as needed.
  3. Lab Services and Allergy Injections
    For your convenience, we offer several lab tests in our office. Strep, Flu, and RSV tests, as well as urinalysis screens are done. We also can draw blood and send it out for further testing. We also provide allergy injections for those needing them.
  4. Sports Physicals Hearing & Vision Screening
    Yes, we do those too! As school starts back and sports season rolls around, we see an increase in the number of sports physicals and hearing and vision screens. It is imperative that you call us early in the summer or season to book an appointment time that fits your needs. These spots fill up fast.